dulce candy plastic surgery

Dulce Candy Plastic Surgery – Instant Fame of the Fashion Guru

Dulce Candy is known as a web video star and beauty vlogger (video blogger) whose name rose into prominence after publishing Do-It-Yourself and tutorial videos to her enormously popular channel, DulceCandy87. Besides that she has a second channel where she posts randomly about her life and family called DulceCandyTV. Born in Mexico in 20 August, 1987, before her name publicly known, Candy joined the military high school and served in Iraq for more than a year. Before starting her YouTube career in 2008, Candy worked as a mechanic. Candy became a member of the million follower club on Instagram in the fall of 2014 and has more than 2 million subscribers between her two YouTube channels in September 2014.

dulce candy plastic surgery

Instant Fame

Her work as a YouTube artist has made her name rose into prominence and she has created make up tutorials based on Hollywood celebrities’ styles such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and more. Recently in 2014 Candy visited Benefit Cosmetics at Macy’s for her first official meet and greet with her fans. During the meet-and-greet, the beauty guru –how media calls her recently- mostly talked about her private life, about her incredible past, present and plans for future. Besides that, she also talked about how she had built her career as a fashion and makeup vlogger and has many fans up to this day.

It is quite hard to believe that Candy, as a ‘ordinary’ girl who came out of nowhere, could be easily gained many followers for her accounts and channels, also established herself as one of the fashion enthusiasts’ idol. Her instant fame consequently invites various responses from all over the world, many of them love her style and how she dresses and beautifies herself with makeup. While others choose to be her haters by saying that she is a big liar and the queen of plastic surgery. And now, besides her instant fame, Dulce Candy plastic surgery is one of the hottest issue in fashion world.

Dulce Candy plastic surgery – For the Sake of Style and Fashion

Some of the fans and haters of Candy have followed the celebrity’s account and YouTube channels, seeing how the beauty guru posts some videos and photos of her. Besides observing Candy’s style, they also realize some changes in Candy’s appearances which can be seen from Dulce Candy before and after plastic surgery photographs. People believe that Candy has had some surgical procedures in order to enhance her beauty and overall look and keeping her fame on top. Rhinoplasty is one obvious procedure taken by Candy, since currently she has more refined nose with smoother bridge and smaller tip. It is believed to be the result of Dulce Candy after plastic surgery, and many people commented in some of her photos, saying that the change is way too obvious.

On the other hand, Candy is also accused for having some plastic surgery procedure for her breasts, making it bigger and fuller. Her current body is something which every woman dreams of, with hourglass body structure. While people observe that Dulce Candy before plastic surgery looked more skinny and thin.

Official Statements

Candy has been quite open about her private life, from her story as a child up to this day as a celebrity, even about her point of view towards plastic surgery. She admitted that she had done some surgical procedures in order to have better look and makes her fans feel happy about her style and appearance. Maybe she has been realized that to be a celebrity is not an easy business, since you have to make people happy, no matter hard the situation we experience. Last word for the fashion guru, well, haters gonna hate, Candy.