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“What is already missing in Asia is neither growth nor finance, Talent is the most rare and solicited resource!”

 About us and our readers:

The home for focused Career, Education and Business intelligence in Asia. Our readers access a comprehensive view of news, insights and tools to manage their career.

We call it the Asia career grid concept. Providing all necessary resources so that people and companies can develop their talent for Asia.

As a result, it attracts an exceptionally high-value audience.

Young: 35 years on average

Educated: Graduated from leading universities and business schools in Asia and around the world

Asian & Bilingual: 62.21% (vs. 18.68% for the Americas and 14.19% for Europe) with 3 key areas among Asian readers: Eastern Asia (China, Japan, Korea) 54.64%, South Eastern Asia 23.48% and South Asia (India) 18.16%

While we favor focus to artificial volume, our Audience is undoubtedly set to reach 1 million monthly page views in 2011.


Our Main Features:

  • Business news linked to Asia
  • Education News
  • HR News
  • Insights
  • Job Opportunities
  • Project Opportunities

Our 10 Main benefits for employers

  • Developing a solid and thorough employer brand equity in Asia
  • Reaching passive and active job seekers
  • Developing synergies with top Asian campus (universities and Business schools)
  • Creating a positive word of mouth by sponsoring featured Asian Students
  • Finding flexible and interactive solutions for your communication
  • Supplementing your mainstream communication with alternative and innovative support
  • Maximizing your media impact at a reasonable cost
  • Enhancing your leadership through customized communication
  • Bridging continents by finding Asian-focused resources in Europe or on the Americas
  • Positioning yourself not only in China but in all Asian rising economies: Vietnam, Indonesia, India,…

Our 8 Main benefits for Universities/Business schools:

  • Promote your program next to Asian students
  • Reach passive and active target for executive education
  • Innovate by proposing interactive and online education
  • Enhance your organization brand equity
  • Promote your current students and alumni
  • Increase your visibility on the Asian employment market
  • Find a go-to-market solution for your publications
  • Announce your schools success in international competitions


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